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August 29, 2013 – 10:10

How To Buy An Overhead Projector - Orfury Technology

Full HD Images 1080

3D technology works with SXRD ™ panels to deliver a high performance Full HD 1080 picture on the big screen with excellent quality of tone and color. Compare it with other 3D technologies and you will see a clear difference in picture quality.

Configurable Settings

Technology Sony 3D projectors gives you additional control over the 3D image. Adjust 3D depth and brightness to suit room conditions, or adjust the picture as you like. Enjoy 3D movies with the best quality.

Built-in 3D Transmitter

The projectors have a fully integrated 3D transmitter with a wide viewing distance of 5 feet, so you can view images comfortably from anywhere in the room. You can also get optional transmitter accessory for larger screen sizes.

Source: www.sony.es

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There are two kinds of "overhead projectors"

Opaque and transparency.
The opaque is probably what you are thinking of. The ones schools use are quite large boxes (I used one at Theatre/Theater and Bindlestiff Studios to create billboards for productions)
There are smaller ones like the Artograph I got from Pearl that only handle 7x7 inch images.
I haven't been able to find the old-fashioned box-monsters online. All I can find are the modern compacts like the Buhl Mark IV Opus. A thousand dollars! Argh!
Try eBay and Google looking for Opaque Overhead Projector. Your local library may even rent them.
Hope this helps.

Home / Community, News / Citizens get answers on water transfer, Nov. 5 bond ..  — Monitor Online
City staff used an overhead projector to display an analysis of current and projected water bills for the audience to see, and copies of the analysis were distributed to the audience afterwards.

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